STS Episode 1 2014/04/13

    Tune in live to the first ever episode of Shit Talking Skeptics with guests Jake Farr-Wharton from the Imaginary Friends Show and Tom&Cecil from Cognitive Dissonance.

    Streaming live @ Sunday 13th April 11.30am Australian Eastern Time [Saturday 12th April 8.30pm Central Daylight Savings Time]

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    Glory Hole Studios

    Jake’s Cat
    Pseudoscience in TV shows and Movies
    Weird Accents
    The Slippery Slope of Marriage Fallacies
    Cosmos Review
    Isaac Newton Silliness
    Noah Review
    Ask Deepak Chenopra
    Toes Sock Shoes
    Vibrating GPS Shoes
    If Jake Had Died
    You’re Still Listening?
    Segways and iPads

    Cognitive Dissonance

    The Imaginary Friends Show

    Vibrating Footware

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