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Skeptically Challenged 2014/08/15 Ric...

I’m joined by Richard Saunders who talks about the making of the Vaccination Chronicles, 300 episodes of the Skeptic Zone, the Australian National Skeptics Convention and his role as Judge on the tv show “The One”. (more…)

Skeptically Challenged 2014/06/19 Sus...

Relentless skeptical activist Susan Gerbic joins me to describe the various skeptical projects she is running including the Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia project and the Skeptic Action facebook group. (more…)

Skeptically Challenged 2014/06/12 Geo...

George Hrab and Jay Novella join me to talk about TAM Australia 2010 and the upcoming Australian National Skeptics Convention. (more…)

Skeptically Challenged 2014/02/12

I talk to Dr Ken Harvey, campaigner for better evidence based regulation in CAM, who resigned from LaTrobe university recently when they announced a deal with Swisse for $15m to “prove the efficacy” of Swisse products. (more…)

Skeptically Challenged 2013/11/24

This week I chat to Sharon Hill, administrator of Doubtful News and Virtual Skeptics co-host. (more…)

Skeptically Challenged 2013/09/18

In the conclusion to my interview with George Hrab we talk music. (more…)

Skeptically Challenged 2013/09/11

Skeptic and entertainer George Hrab joins me in the first of a two part interview to discuss his podcast and life in skepticism. (more…)

Skeptically Challenged 2013/08/18

Intro; Meryl Dorey Reacts to UNICEF Social Media Study; New Study Bad News for Probiotics; Israel Band Flouridation; Hilton Travis – Secular Party of Australia Interview; Do Not Link; Teenager on Life-support Because Mother Chose Homeopathy; New Mammal Gives False Hope to Cryptozoology; Faith Healing no Substitute for Anti-Retrovirals; [...]

Skeptically Challenged 2013/08/16

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Evan Bernstein from the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe joins me to talk about Ed and Lorraine Warren, Connecticut ghost hunters and the new movie the Conjuring. (more…)

Skeptically Challenged 2013/07/10

Tino from the UFO Research Group QLD was kind enough to give me an interview about the group and his views on UFOs at Mind Body Spirit festival on 30/06/2013. (more…)