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Hey folks, a combination of a hectic uni schedule and beeing unwell the past couple of weeks has meant that I haven’t put out a new podcast, please enjoy these bonus content episodes instead!  

Skeptically Challenged 2014/08/30 Luc...

I’m joined by Greg Iwicki to review the hit movie “Lucy”, taking note of the scientific and cinematic merits of the movie. (more…)

Skeptically Challenged 2014/08/26

Intro with Phil Kent and Gary Kelk; Correction – moon perception; Epigentics and evolution theory; Academic and the trolls; Ebola traced to herbal healer in Sierra Leone; Wind turbine syndrome and the courts; Lyme disease in Australia; Naturopaths in Canada going after non-registered naturopaths; Gorski and Novella, should we test magic [...]

Skeptically Challenged 2014/08/24 Jam...

James Randi joins Jake Farr-Wharton and me to discuss “An Honest Liar”, the JREF and his experiences in Australia. (more…)

Skeptically Challenged 2014/08/21

Skeptically Challenged 2014/08/21
Intro with Jake Farr-Wharton; Climate consensus bad PR? Shark week jumps the shark; Supermoon; Underpants stealing ghost; Abortion and breast cancer; Autism rates steady for 2 decades; Global cooling nonsense; Clinical trial for cardiac arrest adrenaline; Robin Williams and depression; outro.   (more…)

Skeptically Challenged 2014/08/15 Ric...

I’m joined by Richard Saunders who talks about¬†the making of the Vaccination Chronicles, 300 episodes of the Skeptic Zone, the Australian National Skeptics Convention and his role as Judge on the tv show “The One”. (more…)

My Thoughts on the “Dunning Aff...

I have always been a skeptical type, from the age I started asking questions and began to read I have been fascinated by science and rejected the claims of religion very early. Even as a child I wasn’t the kind of person to take something as given just because an authority figure said it. In 2010 it was through Brian Dunnings appearance [...]

Skeptically Challenged 2014/08/04

Front Cover Purple
Intro, Skepticamp; Ebola – Let’s Not Pancic; Mike Adams Melt Down; MH17 Conspiracies; MERS = Bioterroism? Siberian Sink Hole; Fluoride in QLD; Outro, SBM Lawsuit, New Video Studio, Skeptic Notice-Board. Consider supporting me on Patreon; (more…)

Ebola – Let’s Not Panic

An Ebolavirus epidemic had been raging on in West Africa since March 2014 this year, in fact it’s the worst ever recorded epidemic of the disease with the WHO¬†recording over 1200 infected and 672, a quite horrific 55% of those infected have died. The virus has especially gruesome symptoms, appearing innocuous enough at first presenting [...]

Skeptically Challenged 2014/07/19 Liv...

A live recording of the Skeptically Challenged Podcast recorded at Brisbane Skepticamp 19/07/2014. Featuring Jo Alabaster, Jake Farr-Wharton and Phil Kent.   (more…)