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Skeptically Challenged 2014/10/19

Intro with Ketan and Tyson; Skeptic Noticeboard, Patrons, live show, Aussie National Convention student competition, IFS appearances, Dogma Debate 24hr broadcast, new Captain Disillusion video; Wind Turbine Syndrome; Climate Models; Fusion Reactor; Ebola Coverage; Outro

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Skeptically Challenged 2014/10/14

Into; Circles (song); skeptic notices, student competition Aussie Skeptics, Live show, SGU legal fund, TWiV; Feedback, Operation Bumblebee, logical fallacy; after life study; Hooker study retracted; scientists not trusted; Shonky awards; Sally Morgan sacks husband and son-in-law; Outro.

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Some bonus content.

Hey folks, a combination of a hectic uni schedule and beeing unwell the past couple of weeks has meant that I haven’t put out a new podcast, please enjoy these bonus content episodes instead!