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Skeptically Challenged 2015/05/24

Massimo Pigliucci’s reflections on skepticism, video game and alzheimer’s link, spider rain, right to know – phone radiation, vitamin D deficiency, trumpet sounds in the sky, satanic panic convictions overturned, myths about monsanto, outro.

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This is how ridiculous you sound.

I’m not a physicist, but my opinion (which like everybody else I’m entitled to) is that gravity doesn’t exist. All the scientists tell us that gravity exists but I KNOW that it doesn’t. All the physicists, NASSA the ESA and world governments know that gravity doesn’t exist, but they’re lying to you and covering up […]

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Skeptically Challenged 2015/01/04 Signe

Intro with Signe, the Australian Skeptics Convention, Freelance Journalism; Water Divining; Raw Milk Legislation; Clairvoyance Study; Natural Therapy Review; Tenpenny Action; Outro. Consider supporting me on Patreon; Visit my website for more;

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Skeptically Challenged 2014/11/27

Intro, T-Shirt, Convention, James Randi, Dogma Debate, Being the newbie, Willyman under academic scrutiny, US lawmakers oust the science, James Randi issues dowsing challenge to the CSIRO, Emotional reactions to shocking events, outro.

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Skeptically Challenged 2014/10/31 Michael Marshall

Michael Marshall of the Merseyside Skeptic Society, Skeptics With a K and Be Reasonable as well as the Good Thinking Society joins me to talk about his journey through skepticism and the work he is currently doing. And in part II joins me to talk about Bad PR and how skeptics can exploit the system.