Skeptically Challenged 2014/07/19 Liv...

A live recording of the Skeptically Challenged Podcast recorded at Brisbane Skepticamp 19/07/2014. Featuring Jo Alabaster, Jake Farr-Wharton and Phil Kent.   (more…)

A response from the ABC

Here’s the response from the ABC about my complaint I sent last month, I personally don’t think they adequately covered the important parts of my complaint, my source made it quite clear how inaccurate a lot of the information in this report is and one only has observe the tone of the report to perceive the intentionally “ju [...]

Skeptically Challenged 2014/06/19 Bon...

Bonus episode - Relentless skeptical activist Susan Gerbic joins me to talk about the Sheldrake / Chopra incident. (more…)

Skeptically Challenged 2014/06/08 Bon...

Wayward sharktag; Stem cell paper retracted; celebrities and pseudoscience; Engaging with woo; UFO TAFE course.   (more…)

Skeptically Challenged 2014/07/02

Live at Brisbane Skeptics in the Pub with Imaginary Friends Show host Jake Farr-Wharton. Panel discussion on the latest crazy, plus the latest pseudo-science news. (more…)

Skeptically Challenged 2014/06/28

Intro; NY Court Vaccine Exclusion Decision; WDDTY Removed from Tesco Shelves; Winger Psychic Tip; Burzynski to Resume Clinical Trials; Ghost App; Faith Healing Breaches Advertising Code; Acupuncture Linked to TB Cases; Seralini Study to be Re-Published; Best of the Rest, Chemical Free, Chemtrail Meeting; Listener Feedback; Outro (more&hell [...]

Skeptically Challenged 2014/06/23

Intro; Universal Medicine Under Investigation; Doctor Oz Grilled by Senate; Skeptical Community Needs; Alt-Medder Jailed; Mommy Blogger Poisons Child; Bee Pollen “Cure” Contaminants; Gravity Waves Under Scrutiny; Feedback; Outro. (more…)

Skeptically Challenged 2014/06/19 Sus...

Relentless skeptical activist Susan Gerbic joins me to describe the various skeptical projects she is running including the Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia project and the Skeptic Action facebook group. (more…)

The Skeptics Community, What do you n...

Sharon Hill is asking for you opinions, what do you need from the skeptic community, how can we make it better and include more people? Let her know what you think. I thought I would re-publish my response here! It’s really important that we have these discussions, so please go and read the responses, there are quite a few now. And add [...]

Skeptically Challenged 2014/06/16

Front Cover Purple
Infected! Burzynski; Choice Painkiller Review; Food Babe; 9/11 Hoax Hoax; Chopra and Oz; Turing Test. (more…)