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STS Episode 1 2014/04/13

Tune in live to the first ever episode of Shit Talking Skeptics with guests Jake Farr-Wharton from the Imaginary Friends Show and Tom&Cecil from...
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Brand New Podcast!

I am pleased to announce my brand new podcast, Shit Talking Skeptics. Shit Talking Skeptics is the podcast featuring skeptics talking about every day...

Skeptically Challenged 2014/02/12

I talk to Dr Ken Harvey, campaigner for better evidence based regulation in CAM, who resigned from LaTrobe university recently when they announced a...

Skeptically Challenged 2014/02/02

Intro with Amanda Devaus; Activism Against Burzynski; Woody Allen Accusations; “Believers” on Skeptic Forums; Triangle Alien Moon Base Update; Mother Still Denies Radio Therapy...

Skeptically Challenged 2014/01/25

Intro with Jake Farr-Wharton and Dan Abrahmsen; Administration Charges; Acupuncture Leaves Gold Fragments in Patient; Pakistani Vaccine Workers Murdered; Trespassing by Ghost Hunters; Psi...

Skeptically Challenged 2013/12/24

*Adult Language and Humor Warning* Intro with Tom and Ceil (Cognitive Dissonance) and George Hrab (The Geologic Podcast); The Twinkie Incident; Christmas as an...

Skeptically Challenged 2013/12/10

Intro, Kevin Trudeau Convicted,Burznski FDA Report, Sylvia Browne Dies, GP Fined for Quack Treatments, Guardian Gives Up on Amish Girl , rbutr and Guerrilla...

Skeptically Challenged 2013/11/24

This week I chat to Sharon Hill, administrator of Doubtful News and Virtual Skeptics co-host.
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Skeptically Challenged 2013/11/17-22

This week whilst in New Zealand I post three heritage episodes of my previous podcast; Sciencism: Critical Eye.

Skeptically Challenged 2013/11/03

Apology; The DMCA and Doubtful News; George Hrab on USA politics and human cooperation.